Strategic Partners

UDI Compliance Solutions is proud to be working directly with the top companies and people in the Unique Device Identification sector of the Medical Labeling space. We appreciate the corporate resources, and human energy that each of our strategic partners has provided during our initial phase of product development and we look forward to our continued associations. Our work is better because of their work, and we wanted to thank each of our partners publicly for the wonderful work they do day in and day out.




VantageID is a full service logistics solution provider with decades of experience in all facets of  the labeling, scanning, tracking, procurement and delivery aspects of stock, shipping and inventory management. More than just a “Labeling Provider”, VantageID staff offer renowned expertise in all aspects of FDA and UDI Compliance with respect to past, present and upcoming GUDID regulations. VantageID partners with industry-leaders in label printing and design.

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UDI Forum provides a free and open forum for online discussion among colleagues interested in the many intricacies of the GUDID system and the requisite elements of proper UDI compliance procedures and industry best practices.





UDI Compliance Labels was among the first adopters of the UDI Compliance requirements enacted by the FDA and has continued to help shed light on the mandated requirements necessary to proper comply with the full intent of the GUDID platform. We welcome their involvement and expertise, and we definitely recommend registering for their free UDI Newsletter to remain up to date with current UDI Compliance News and upcoming trade show events.




Kodit provides mission critical software for public sector clients. Using its state of the art software framework, Kodit creates applications that work together to produce dynamic, scalable solutions and has been a strategic partner of UDI Compliance Solutions since our inception.





Fujitsu is already one of the world’s largest IT service providers and has long been considered Japan’s number one ICT company. Fortunately, Fujitsu is allocating considerable resources and the experience needed to ensure the data cloud relied on by UDI Compliance Solutions is stable and predictable. During the last decade or more, Fujitsu has diligently created advanced cloud environments that benefit commercial and government organisations alike.




GS1 is an independent, not-for-profit organisation helping to set universal standards globally, with a unique numbering system designed to ensure all relevant products and resources are more easily and accurately identified. The GS1 bar code system is now the most widely used supply chain standard and GS1 standards are reaching even important roles in the Healthcare sector with the FDA rollout of UDI compliance and GUDID.